At the risk of appearing narcissistic, this page is for expressing my personal thoughts and convictions. It is not my business whether or not you agree with what is contained below. As is true for all of us, I am just one breath away from death. The testament herein is the process of organizing my thoughts as this realization takes hold and to share my discoveries with others. By visiting my Links Page, you will see a list of media sources most influential in molding my belief system. After the events of September 11, 2001, a false flag event, I took to challenging every belief system I was handed since birth. Outside of a brief association with labor unions when I worked as an electrical maintenance technician, or when I spent years hanging out in AA meetings, I have never joined or have aligned myself with any political party, club, institution or organization. I hold no degrees or letters. I own no debt. I adhere to no religion, denomination or sect. I am totally free to believe anything I determine to be true or relevant without repercussions, except those caused by my own fear of what people might think of me, the fear that locks most of us into our personal prison and stops us from expressing our truths.

Philosophy is even harder to grasp than religious precepts yet we live by our beliefs. In fact new discoveries in biology indicate belief plays an integral role in maintaining our biological functioning. We live in human society and make minute by minute judgments based on beliefs. Our money/financial system is based on belief. Where do our beliefs come from? They are conditioned, learned responses, so the behaviorists say. Ring a bell and a dog salivates. Cause and effect is the order of our material world. All is mechanistic and deterministic and we need to know little else. Sir Isaac Newton showed us this and the laws and mathematics he produced support it. This was followed by Darwinism. But what about personal awareness that we experience? What is consciousness? The materialist says it's the ghost in the machine - an epiphenomenon of the physical brain. This philosophy is referred to as material realism. The material world came into being at the big bang and is primal. It is bottom up causation: particle>atom>molecule>brain/body> consciousness.

The big bug-a-boo, however, is consciousness can't be explained by neuroscientists. Materialist don't adequately explain conditions before the big bang. They can't find the spot in the brain where our memories reside. And what about the creative moment? Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Erwin Schrödinger, Bob Dylan, John Lennon all had profound inspirations in their twenties. The information just flowed into their awareness. How does that happen? It happened while they were open channels to non-local creativity. As we get older we get more entangled with consensus reality and become less open to “quantum” creativity. If a scientific observation doesn’t match existing beliefs then it isn’t easily accepted.

New empirical information acquired in the late 19th and early 20th centuries brought new insights that challenged the status quo. Materialism became inadequate in describing new data that came into awareness. Put to the test using the scientific method this data became established as the new physics and the mathematics are sound to support it. It is called quantum mechanics. Today it is the most successful science we have. Unfortunately it could not be incorporated into the existing world view based on material realism. The easiest approach was to say "very interesting and curious" but it isn't relevant so the implications from quantum mechanics are ignored by most classical scientists and mainstream thinking. Most people today have heard the term but have no idea what it is.

There is one experiment, however, that is easy to understand as far as the setup is concerned but the results has the potential to change our beliefs profoundly creating a whole new paradigm for human society. This is called the double slit experiment. Dr Quantum explains it here. The results indicate a complimentary dual nature of basic matter. It is called the wave–particle duality. The universe is not physical as we tend to believe (our ordinary experience tells us it is) but is comprised of what is best described as waves and only becomes physical by observing it. Quantum physicists call this collapsing the wave form. Classical science already knew the atom is 99.9999% empty space, far from solid. But now it seems an observer has to select one possibility from a field of infinite possibilities (wave potential) and collapse the wave into being. From here it gets even more strange and this strangeness produces paradoxes that material realists struggle with. However if we ask, who is doing the looking, and we answer "consciousness", we get a new order: consciousness>brain/body>molecule>atom>particle. This is top down causation. With consciousness being the ground state, not matter, all paradoxes are resolved. This is called monistic idealism. Everything exists as one - one vast potential. We are first consciousness - then we experience the physical world. The objective world does not exist independent of the observer. Actually we are the participator. Subject and object are one: omnijective.

Hard as it is for western thinking to grasp this, there are more than half the people on the planet who have no trouble thinking consciousness as the ground state. I suppose differences may come up when describing what this consciousness is. Call it Brahman, source, the field, the matrix, OM, God (my least favorite because it is most often much distorted) - it is all one unitive consciousness. The physicist David Bohm called it the implicate order. OM cannot be described. Ineffable.It is absosute.

There is only truth. Everything else is Maya - belief in the duality of the world. Non-truth.

We experience the world by looking through a lens, filtered by our beliefs. The human brain/body is the imperfect lens by which consciousness experiences itself (paraphrasing Alan Watts).

There is empirical evidence showing we are aware of making a choice six seconds after our brain/body begins to make the choice. That means we (“I”, our personality construct) is the perceiver, not the conceiver. Our brain downloads information from the field (quantum wave potential), projects the apparent physical world ‘out there’ and perceives it through our senses to experience emotionally. We are 100% free to react to what we perceive but limited free will to control (at the level of awareness) what is perceived.

Beliefs are everything. We filter our experience through our befiefs. Most beliefs are at the sub-awareness (sub-consciou most say) level and a surprising percentage learned by the age of eight.