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Regarding Nuclear Technology (written Sep'2011)

We have two nukes, that we know of, on the planet that are in peril as of this writing: Fukushima Daiichi, east coast Japan & Ft Calhoun, Blair Nebraska.  All of the world's nuclear plants are a disaster waiting to happen contrary to what the nuclear industry is telling us.  And what are we being told?  We are told these plants can be designed and built for safe operation but the real problem is not addressed - the growing tonnage of waste from the weapons programs and from power generating plants.  Plutonium, the most toxic substance known, has to be safely stored for over 100 thousand years.  Where has the human race demonstrated an ability to sustain any governmental system longer than a few hundred years?  This technology is beyond the scope of human ability to sustain.  What arrogance in the name of profit!

More disturbing than the proliferation of this technology by the Corporate State is the Corporate Mass Media subversion of any real information regarding the Fukushima disaster, use of depleted uranium weapons, medical nuclear equipment and airport scanners in the short term or meaningful discussion of the industrial benefits of this technology in the long term. What do we really know?  How can a citizen make decisions without information?  Global warming (I mean climate change) is not the real boogie man.  These nuclear technologies have major measurable long term affects for the earth's eco systems.  When family or friends raise their concerns,  don't shoot the messenger.  If you get angry then focus it in the right direction.

What is happening to the planet? Some describe the state of affairs as war - nuclear war waged against us to cull the herd. When the very agencies that are supposed to safeguard us climb into bed with the nuclear industry and they allow lies and deceit to rule the day. When our military deploys weapons of mass death in the form of depleted uranium. When technologies such as the back scatter devices are deployed at airports and government buildings based on false flag terrorist event(s). When our food supply is compromised by these technologies. When the information made available to the public is censored and convoluted by miss-information (or no information as with news blackouts). When we witness these things perpetrated against the world's people, then it is war against us. There is no other conclusion to make.

The year I was born,1946, was the year of Operations Crossroads when our soldiers and sailors were subjected to nuclear events just to see what would happen to them. That was the beginning of madness as we entered into the nuclear arms race and it hasn't ended yet, despite the belief the cold war is over.  If it is over then why are thousands of nukes targeted against us? Why do we as a nation flaunt our power to the rest of the world as we formulate our war plans around preemptive nuclear strikes. Nuclear hot war is probable. Nuclear cold war is evident. Each of the earths 400+ nuclear power plants is essentially a dirty bomb just waiting for the right circumstances to set them off. Earth changes will push the power plant systems beyond design criteria so they can fail and now the NRC is extending operating licenses decades beyond plant design life. The fuel for these reactors is very rare material but the waste generated is abundantly toxic with no sustainable plan to contain it. Where is the benefit to us? This is incomprehensible destruction just for the ability to watch TV at night. 

As I started researching this I came across this little gem <Tsar bomb>. The USSR detonated a 50 megaton weapon in 1961, the largest atmospheric test ever conducted.  Nuclear weapons continue to impose unimaginable terror and serve only to promote mass death at the hands of a very few individuals.  Most of our population know only what they have been told but there is more to understand than this.  Part of the Nukes-Gone-Wild picture has to include a section on War Nukes but not much is out there.  The national security blanket keeps most of this data under wraps, pun intended.