Glacier Garden Railroad

Layout Plan
Mockup Of R3 Loop
Plywood Layout Board
Stringer Jig
Cut Blocks
Sringer Assembly

Taking Shape
R2 Turnout Assembly
Setting R3 Loop Into Place
Setting R3 Loop 2
Setting R3 Loop 3
Setting R3 Loop 4

R3 Turnout Assembly
Control Panel Mounted
Control Panel Inside
PVC Conduit and Wire
Control Logic
Finish 10

Finish 3
Setting R2 Loop
Finish 07
Finish 5
Finish 4
Finish 6

Finish 2
Finish 08
Finish 09
Roadbed Access Turnout
Entering The Roadway
Shay - my 4 truck

Shay Loco 4
Shay Loco 1
Shay Loco 2
Shay Loco 3
Shay  - Roaring Camp
Running The Loop (vid)